IP services for companies

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you decide to use professional services of the Intellectual Property law firm IPR POINT, you can be sure that your exclusive rights are properly protected. Furthermore, co-operation with us will safeguard you against accidental infringement of other person rights. We will be happy to analyse your business needs in terms of widely construed protection of intellectual property rights and provide relevant assistance in this area of your business. We would like to assure you that proper care for intellectual property guarantees optimal results and positive effects for every business firm. Care consisting in, e.g. prior verification whether the name of a new product or service does not infringe other person’s exclusive rights helps limit the risk of conducting undesired disputes in future and, in consequence, incurring costs. We advise and represent Clients also when intellectual property rights have already been infringed. We negotiate terms of a potential settlement, prepare and verify agreements, conduct legal audits and due diligence, if necessary.

Clients of the Intellectual Property law firm IPR POINT mainly represent small and medium enterprises which offer goods or provide services in such areas as e.g. catering, cosmetics, finance, construction, trade in real estate, trainings, staff recruitment, e-commerce, IT, media, entertainment, Internet marketing, mintage, medicine, etc.

We look forward to co-operation with you.

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