Trade mark. The most frequent problems at preparing a list of goods and/or services.

One of the most common misunderstanding when applying for registration of a trade mark with the Patent Office is a false conviction present among a number of entrepreneurs that, having obtained protection for the specified designation, they will hold a monopoly for all goods or services with respect to which such registered trade mark may be used. Nonetheless, it should be noticed that the trade mark is protected only with respect to those goods and/or services which are specified in the register. Renowned and commonly known trade marks are an exception; those trade marks are protected not in connection with

How trade marks should be protected and why is it so important?

If you wish to enforce rights from your trade mark in an efficient manner, you need to provide it with adequate legal protection. If you use specific, fancy name, you should apply for its registration as word mark. If an original graphics pertains to such name, you can obtain protection for a figurative mark. In certain cases it is also possible to obtain protection for shape marks as well as other unusual marks. It all depends whether they are adequate to distinguish goods or services of your company from goods or services of other entrepreneurs. Further, think on which territory

How industrial designs should be protected and how much does it cost?

More and more entrepreneurs take interest in legal protection of industrial designs. And quite rightly so, as more and more consumers pay attention to appearance of products they see every day. Industrial designs not only attract attention of consumers to a specific product but also affect how the business which cares for image of goods it produces is regarded. Adequate legal protection of industrial designs enables to draw material benefits without any concern from their introduction into the economy. Polish entrepreneurs can protect their industrial designs in many different ways, depending of the territorial range of their business. If they

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